Holidays with dogs

Our guests are mostly enterprising and appreciate our friendly atmosphere - and also we will appreciate it if you " fiddle " feel with us .
This is usually only the case when the WHOLE family - also the beloved four-legged friends - come with the family.

Conquer together with your loyal companion the breathtaking mountain scenery around Mallnitz . In the Hohe Tauern National Park , there are numerous hiking trails that are suitable for them and their four-legged friends . Depending on your skill and experience of dog and owner , we advise them happy in their choice of tours and inform them of existing water points and rest stops but also the notwenige equipment for their dog alpinism .

Throughout the place are trash with a walk stool bags to free for the taking .In winter, the Tauern offers a specially designated walkies mile. The streams and lakes around us convince with their excellent water quality and are perfect for swimming and drinking.
Not without reason will be held the Swiss Mountain Dog Festival in Mallnitz since 2006.

Animal Extras - our " Dog Package"
• Welcome Treats
• food and water bowls
• The spacious rooms will find you and your dog restful sleep.
We are happy to line up for their favorite four-legged own cozy corner with cup and cover
• Dogs information folder
• The dog may in the dining room
• Large lawn to play or train directly behind the house
• walkies service and Dogsitting on request ( price on request)
• Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists in place

EUR 8,00 - 14,00 / day

Please note when traveling with your dog that it has a valid rabies vaccination (EU passport / vaccination certificate ) . Every animal must be characterized by either a clearly readable tattoo or a microchip. Leash and muzzle must be included in your stay in Austria .